Advanced Arrest & Control

POST Approved

Officers routinely lay hands on subjects while conducting pat down searches and arrests during their shift. Standard handcuffing training does not take into account resistance efforts leading to escalation. Officers trained in conventional Defensive Tactics often resort to the use of brute strength to overcome a resisting/combative subject resulting in potential loss of weapon or serious injury to the officer and subject. An efficient and quick arrest is not only safer but appears more professional to both the public and the court. This is an important consideration in reducing litigations for excessive use of force.

You will learn:
• Compliance strategies
• De-escalation methods
• Safe approach and search
• Distraction and control tactics
• Arrest and rapid cuffing techniques
• Come along and resistance counters
• Most common patterns of resistance

• Rapid submission of agitated suspects
• Transportation of a non-compliant subject
• Principles of verbal and non-verbal control

• Use of surrounding elements for safe arrest
• Field interrogation and positions of advantage
• Passive and active resistance submission as a team
• Take down and ground control of combative subjects
• Deceptive behavior used by suspects as false surrender signs
• Safe search techniques in the standing, sitting and prone positions