Firearm Retention & Disarmament

A growing number of chemically charged criminals are resisting arrest and
officers often get shot by their own weapon. Israeli soldiers and police officers
operating in the urban environment were subject to numerous weapon
snatching attempts and hostage situations. This course teaches the most practical firearm retention and disarmament based on lessons learned from these incidents.
You will learn:
• Gun disarmament/take-away from the standing, seated, and prone positions
• Rapid firearm transition and subject control with a drawn firearm
• Sympathetic reaction concept and accidental discharge avoidance
• Defense against firearm snatch attempt from multiple directions
• Safe deployment of a firearm in close proximity to a suspect
• Optimal positioning and angle of approach with a firearm
• Sub-gun and long-gun retention and reversal techniques
• Traffic stop approach and rapid draw survival tactics
• Firearm snatching prevention during room entry
• Safe movement with firearm in confined space
• Control of a drawn firearm during a struggle
• Weapon awareness and control principles
• Safe firearm deployment on the ground