Officer Survival

Officers work in close proximity to potentially hostile people during in the field and when responding to domestic calls. At this range, officer survival depends on a quick and efficient response. Any attempt to assault an officer must be contained swiftly.

Officers are mostly at risk when they are attacked by surprise. The sudden close quarter attack is the cause of the largest number of officers’ injuries and deaths. Conventional Defensive Tactics training that teach techniques to CONTROL passive resistant subjects do not prepare officers for the threat of a sudden attack.

The “Reactionary Gap” is the kill zone in which most perpetrators make their move. Effectively protecting this zone would determine the outcome of most confrontations.

Relying solely on their sidearm to control a situation gives officers the sole option of using deadly force in which innocent bystanders could be injured or killed. The firearm can be taken away and its advantages are significantly reduced at close range.

You will learn:
• Guidelines for use of reasonable and necessary force
• Immediate threat concepts and emergency planning
• Restraint holds break away, and counter takedown
• Tactical alertness and assault prediction
• The survival mindset and its triggers
• Warning signs of imminent attack
• Multiple assailant survival tactics
• Concealed weapons recognition
• Fighting with impaired vision
• Defense of a fellow officer
• Officer hostage situations
• Ground fighting survival
• Fighting when wounded