Flash Recognition

It takes much more than proper sight alignment to justify a shooting.

Much of the current firearm training focuses on the physical and mechanical aspects of shooting. Not enough emphasis is placed on providing the mental skills necessary to make the correct shoot no-shoot decision in a time effective manner. The ability to rapidly react to changes in the condition of safety and respond effectively depends on a series of cognitive processes. Understanding these processes will greatly improve decision making ability under stress.

Whether your mission is vehicular or foot patrol, executive protection, high risk warrant service, or hostage rescue you must be able to instantly identify a suspect and recognize violent intents.


The Flash Recognition program was specifically developed to augment commonly used profiling methods. Through a series of innovative exercises and visual acuity tests, officers learn how to instantly recognize dangerous individuals based on behavioral and environmental warning signs.

Equipped with this knowledge, an officer will be better prepared to use correct
judgment during critical incidents, riots and pursuits..

You will learn:
• Visual isolation strategies
• Deceptive behavior patterns
• Concealed weapons recognition
• Critical decision making processes

• Alertness versus awareness concepts
• Verbal and non-verbal signs of aggression
• Movement and face expression indicators
• Positioning and illumination considerations
• Identification of hostile pretenders in a crowd