Blade Fighter - Edge Weapon Survival

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It is no secret that convicts train to fight police while in jail and edged weapons are a growing threat to law enforcement. The possibility of facing a violent person armed with an edged weapon is a serious concern to anyone who works in a high risk environment. Specific training methods were developed by our team of American and Israeli specialists to teach at risk personnel how to survive this threat.

Unlike most traditional Martial Arts which offer “knife fighting” training using unrealistic and scripted attack scenarios, our program provides reality-based, effective survival techniques proven in decades of conflict in the Middle East. This course teaches the most effective skills necessary to survive an defeat an attack by an assailant armed with an edge weapon.

You will learn:
• The medical implications of stab/slash wounds and first aid
• Safe arrest and search of a suspect concealing a blade
• Immediate threat concepts and weapons perception
• Mechanics and patterns used by armed assailants
• Reality of edged weapon survival (case studies)
• Surviving a sudden, close range knife attack
• Defeating a knife attack in a confined space
• Defense against the knife on the ground
• Held at knifepoint countermeasures
• Recognizing deception and set ups
• Patterns of attacks and resistance